Date: Venue: City: With:
09/09/2005 Local 506 Chapel Hill, NC
09/11/2005 WXDU Durham, NC
09/15/2005 Soapbox Wilmington, NC
09/16/2005 The Garage Winston Salem, NC
09/20/2005 Continental New York, NY
09/21/2005 East End Cafe Newark, DE
09/23/2005 Smiling Moose Pittsburgh, PA
09/24/2005 The Beauty Shop Chicago, IL
11/30/2005 Reservoir Carrboro, NC
12/01/2005 Trash Bar Brooklyn, NC
12/02/2005 Millcreek Tavern Philadelphia, PA
12/03/2005 Rex's Bar West Chester, PA
12/04/2005 The Milestone Charlotte, NC Torche, Horse Thief, Monstro
01/18/2006 Reservoir Carrboro, NC The Kickass, Chachalaca
01/19/2006 Marvel Event Center Durham, NC Birds of Avalon, Thunderlip, Tiger Bear Wolf
01/20/2006 Patches Greenville, NC The Kickass, Valient Thorr
05/12/2006 Wetlands Chapel Hill, NC Year Future, Autocode
06/03/2006 Corndale House Greensboro, NC Manamid, Boa Narrow, The Psychic Hearts
06/04/2006 The Milestone Charlotte, NC Black Cobra, The Wayward
06/05/2006 Grog & Tankard Washington DC
06/06/2006 Luigi's Harrisonburg, VA Black Cobra, Stifling
06/07/2006 Lit Lounge New York, NY North Elementary, Library, Secret Language
06/09/2006 Be Happy House Philadelphia, PA Pegasus Unicorn
06/10/2006 Smiling Moose Pittsburgh, PA The Cutoffs, Leiana, Anger and Addiction
06/11/2006 S. Hoyne House Chicago, IL Sterling
06/13/2006 The Hideaway Johnson City, TN Muleface, Ablazing Grace
06/14/2006 El Neuvo Asheville, NC Serpents
08/01/2006 Reservoir Carrboro, NC Blag'ard, Monotonix
08/18/2006 Co-op House Carrboro, NC
09/25/2006 Night Light Chapel Hill, NC Hex Machine, Cough
09/26/2006 Soapbox Wilmington, NC Valient Thorr, Virginia Black
09/28/2006 King's Barcade Raleigh, NC Valient Thorr, Double Negative
10/14/2006 Reggie's Wilington, NC Zuxeus
10/27/2006 Wetlands Chapel Hill, NC Totimoshi, Year Long Disaster, Throttlerod
11/03/2006 Grand Perks Asheville, NC The Ear The Eye And The Arm
11/09/2006 Reservoir Carrboro, NC Tiger Bear Wolf, Building the State
11/10/2006 Flat Iron Greensboro, NC Tiger Bear Wolf, Building the State
11/11/2006 Slim's (WKNC Festival) Raleigh, NC Transportation
01/19/2007 WXJM Festival Harrisonburg, VA
02/09/2007 King's Barcade Raleigh, NC Double Negative, Hex Machine
02/10/2007 Night Light Chapel Hill, NC Hex Machine
02/17/2007 Bull City Records Durham, NC Cough, Descolada
02/23/2007 Cats Cradle Carrboro, NC Mastodon, Priestess
03/18/2007 WUAG 103.1FM Greensboro, NC
04/6/2007 Hell Chapel Hill, NC White Rook
04/07/2007 BCHQ Durham, NC Fin Fang Foom, Red Collar
04/17/2007 The Sidebar Tavern Baltimore, MD Black Skies
04/18/2007 Nara Sushi Bar Richmond, VA Black Skies, Cough, Inter Arma
05/12/2007 Reservoir Carrboro, NC Birds of Avalon
05/18/2007 The Milestone Charlotte, NC Projexorcism, Carrion Bomb
06/23/2007 Cat's Cradle Carrboro, NC Black Skies, Hazerai, Colossus
07/13/2007 Joli Rouge Asheville, NC Colossus
07/20/2007 Repent Athens, GA Hollywood Holocaust
07/21/2007 Art Bar Columbia, SC Pilesar and the Quagmire, Blinded By Underpants, The Overtones
07/22/2007 Cat's Cradle Carrboro, NC Big Business, Black Skies
08/09/2007 Reservoir Carrboro, NC Backwoods Payback, Blag'ard
08/10/2007 The Milestone Charlotte, NC Backwoods Payback, Sled
08/11/2007 Rex's Bar West Chester, PA Backwoods Payback
08/12/2007 Belvedere's Pittsburgh, PA Satanic Bat
08/13/2007 Lit Lounge New York City, NY Metal Monday!
08/14/2007 Fontanas New York, NY Elevator Action, Black Skies
08/15/2007 Sidebar Tavern Baltimore, MD Blag'ard, Black Skies, Dactyl
08/23/2007 Repent Athens, GA Devilneck Metal Fest
10/12/2007 Two Art Chicks Greensboro, NC Cobra Khan, El Sucio
11/08/2007 The Milestone Charlotte, NC Don Caballero
12/13/2007 21 Eleven Beer & Wine Greenville, NC MC Homeless
01/03/2008 Midway New York, NY Kerbloki
01/26/2008 The Cave Chapel Hill, NC Fin Fang Foom
02/09/2008 Reservoir Carrboro, NC Ruscha
02/19/2008 Reggie's 42nd St Tavern Wilmington, NC Black Skies
02/20/2008 The Village Tavern Charleston, SC Black Skies
02/21/2008 Warehouse Party Atlanta, GA Black Skies
02/22/2008 Caledonia Lounge Athens, GA Black Skies, Subrig Destroyer
02/23/2008 JJ's Bohemia Chattanooga, TN Black Skies, Night of the Wolf, Sasquash
03/28/2008 Nightlight Chapel Hill, NC TBA
05/14/2008 Nightlight Chapel Hill, NC Thrones, In The Year Of The Pig
05/15/2008 Volume 11 Raleigh, NC Helmet, ASG, HOW
05/23/2008 Reservoir Carrboro, NC Legion of the Fallen
05/29/2008 Outback Lodge Charlottesville, VA Black Skies, Unholy Four
07/11/2008 Blag'ard Mansion Chapel Hill, NC Blag'ard
07/18/2008 Local 506 Chapel Hill, NC CD Release w/ The Curtains of Night, Diamond Studs
08/08/2008 The Milestone Charlotte, NC Sled
08/09/2008 Art Bar Columbia, SC Sled
08/13/2008 Nara Sushi Richmond, VA Valkyrie, Ol Scratch
08/14/2008 Sidebar Baltimore, MD Muscle Twin, Son of Avery
08/15/2008 East End Newark, DE Backwoods Payback, Count von Count, Onita
08/16/2008 The Charleston Brooklyn, NY Hull, Warship
10/24/2008 Local 506 Chapel Hill, NC Blag'ard, In the Year of the Pig
11/13/2008 Nara Sushi Richmond, VA The Curtains of Night
11/14/2008 The Treeswing College Park The Curtains of Night
11/15/2008 Tommy's Tavern Brooklyn, NY The Curtains of Night, Vaz
11/16/2008 Urban Bike Project Wilmington, DE The Curtains of Night, Count von Count
11/17/2008 Garfield Artworks Pittsburgh, PA Cobra Skulls
11/18/2008 The Matinee Cleveland, OH The Curtains of Night
11/19/2008 Beat Kitchen Chicago, IL The Curtains of Night, Sweet Cobra, Qualms
11/20/2008 Lundr House Louisville, KY The Curtains of Night, Viking Kong
11/21/2008 JJ's Bohemia Chattanooga, TN The Curtains of Night, Night of the Wolf
11/22/2008 Reservoir Carrboro, NC The Curtains of Night, Night of the Wolf
12/06/2008 Reservoir Carrboro, NC Reservoir 4 Yr Anniversary Show -- Transportation, Fin Fang Foom, Monsonia
03/15/2009 The Milestone Charlotte, NC Hull, Sons of Tonatiuh, Reverser
03/16/2009 Green Eggs & Jam Boone, NC Hull,
03/28/2009 The Pinhook Durham, NC The Curtains of Night, Sled
04/26/2009 1206 W. Florida St Greensboro, NC Kemp's going away party
04/30/2009 Soapbox Laundrolounge Wilmington, NC Hearts and Daggers, Redmouth Band
05/02/2009 The Milestone Charlotte, NC Valient Thorr, 2013 Wolves
05/17/2009 Nightlight Chapel Hill, NC Bellafea, Screaming Females
05/27/2009 The Pour House Raleigh, NC Colossus, Black Skies
06/13/2009 Drip's Coffee Hickory, NC Gollum
06/17/2009 Nightlight Chapel Hill, NC Pontiak
06/20/2009 Limbo Burlington, NC Inflowential
07/17/2009 Square One Greensboro, NC Decoration Ghost, Tiger Bear Wolf, Grappling Hook
08/21/2009 Slim's Raleigh, NC Grappling Hook, Decoration Ghost
08/27/2009 New French Bar Asheville, NC Fin Fang Foom
08/28/2009 Star Bar Atlanta, GA Glen Iris (Brass Castle)
09/22/2009 DC9 Washington DC King Giant, Nihilitia
09/23/2009 Union Pool Brooklyn, NY
09/24/2009 Pianos NYC New York, NY
09/25/2009 The Note West Chester, PA Backwoods Payback
09/26/2009 The Clubhouse Richmond, VA Attitude Problem
10/06/2009 The Caledonia Athens, GA Music Hates You
10/07/2009 Head on the Door Montgomery, AL Music Hates You
10/08/2009 The Saint New Orleans, LA Music Hates You
10/09/2009 The Break Pensacola, FL Music Hates You
10/10/2009 Drunken Unicorn Atlanta, GA Early Man, Valient Thorr
11/06/2009 Troika Festival @ Pinhook Durham, NC Bellafea, Grappling Hook
12/05/2009 Reservoir Carrboro, NC Reservoir 5th Year Anniversary w/ Monsonia, Transportation, Fin Fang Foom
12/11/2009 The Milestone Charlotte, NC Sled, Decoration Ghost, Tournament
12/12/2009 DiveBAR Raleigh, NC Hog
01/09/2010 Wheels Durham, NC Jason Aylward (double drums!)
01/22/2010 Nightlight Chapel Hill, NC US Christmas, The Curtains of Night
01/23/2010 Another Year of Shit Fest Richmond, VA US Christmas, Weedeater, Generation of Vipers, Inter Arma, more
02/18/2010 Lenny's Atlanta, GA Telestrion
02/19/2010 The Caledonia Athens, GA Powers, Savagist
03/11/2010 Soapbox Wilmington, NC Music Hates You
03/13/2010 Doozer's Pub Jacksonville, FL
03/14/2010 Jack Rabbit's Tallahassee, FL Torche, Weedeater, ASG, US Christmas
03/15/2010 Dragon's Den New Orleans, LA Hull
03/16/2010 Doom Room Vicksburg, MS Hull, Beast in the Field
03/17/2010 Holy Roller Skate Park Bossier City, LA Hull, Power Pellut, Snake Sustaine, Beast in the Field, John Calvin
03/18/2010 Hyde Park Parlor Austin, TX The Love Language, Lost in the Trees, Hammer No More the Fingers, Schooner, Caltrop, Birds and Arrows
03/19/2010 NightRocker:LIVE San Antonio, TX ASG, US Christmas, Caltrop, Hull
03/20/2010 Ear/Splitters Showcase @ The Metropolis Austin, TX Savagist, The Atlas Moth, Yakuza, Javelina
03/21/2010 The Buccaneer Memphis, TN Royal Thunder, Chylde
03/27/2010 Berkeley Cafe Raleigh, NC Let Feedback Ring Festival
05/14/2010 Gallery 5 Richmond, VA Pontiak, Arbouretum
05/15/2010 Nightlight Chapel Hill, NC Pontiak, Arbouretum
05/22/2010 DiveBAR Raleigh, NC Minor Stars
06/11/2010 Reggie's 42nd St Tavern Wilmington, NC In The Year Of The Pig, Beard of Antlers
06/12/2010 The Pinhook Durham, NC In The Year Of The Pig
06/25/2010 Millcreek Tavern Philadelphia, PA Backwoods Payback, American Speedway
06/26/2010 The Note West Chester, PA Backwoods Payback, Black Skies
06/27/2010 Local 506 Chapel Hill, NC Hog, Black Skies
07/01/2010 Slim's Raleigh, NC Inter Arma, Hog
08/21/2010 Reservoir Carrboro, NC Ragnarok Festival
10/06/2010 Metro Gallery Baltimore, MD Arbouretum
10/07/2010 Union Pool Brooklyn, NY Arbouretum, Endless Boogie
10/08/2010 Danger Danger Gallery Philadelphia, PA Arbouretum
10/22/2010 Nightlight Chapel Hill, NC Fin Fang Foom
10/23/2010 Highland Inn Ballroom Atlanta, GA Telestrion, Demonaut
10/24/2010 The Nick Birmingham, AL
10/25/2010 One Eyed Jack's New Orleans, LA Valient Thorr
10/26/2010 The Break Pensacola Beach, FL Valient Thorr
10/27/2010 The Engine Room Tallahassee, FL Valient Thorr, Young Livers
10/28/2010 Stay True Tattoo St. Augustine, FL Hollow Leg, Shroud Eater
10/29/2010 The Wormhole Savannah, GA Faun Fables, Sinister Moustache
10/20/2010 New Brookland Tavern Columbia, SC Valient Thorr, The Gay Blades
10/31/2010 Greene St. Club Greensboro, NC Valient Thorr
12/04/2010 Reservoir Carrboro, NC Monsonia, Transportation
12/10/2010 Nightlight Chapel Hill, NC Pipe
01/07/2011 Strange Matter Richmond, VA Count von Count, Human Smoke, The Catalyst
02/05/2011 The Casbah Durham, NC Hog, US Christmas, Royal Thunder, Horseback, Monsonia
02/26/2011 The General Store Pittsboro, NC Blag'ard
03/23/2011 Reservoir Carrboro, NC Hull, Batillus
03/24/2011 The SideBar Baltimore, MD Hull, Batillus, Billows
03/25/2011 The Meatlocker Monclair, NJ Hull, Batillus
03/26/2011 The Studio at Webster Hall New York, NY Hull, Horseback, Batillus
05/13/2011 DiveBAR Raleigh, NC MAKE
05/26/2011 The Get Down Asheville, NC Black Skies, US Christmas, Generation of Vipers
05/27/2011 Kings Raleigh, NC Black Skies, Royal Thunder, US Christmas
05/28/2011 Will's Pub Orlando, FL Black Skies, Royal Thunder
05/29/2011 C-Level Tampa, FL Black Skies, Royal Thunder
05/30/2011 Siberia New Orleans, LA Black Skies, Royal Thunder
05/31/2011 Hi-Tone Memphis, TN Black Skies, Royal Thunder
06/01/2011 The Nick Birmingham, AL Black Skies, Royal Thunder
06/02/2011 529 Atlanta, GA Black Skies, Royal Thunder
06/03/2011 Caledonia Lounge Athens, GA Black Skies, Royal Thunder
06/04/2011 The Jinx Savannah, GA Black Skies, Royal Thunder